Abdullah’s Story

“There is no fear in love, but

perfect love casts out fear.

For fear has to do with

punishment, and whoever

fears has not been

perfected in love.”

– 1 John 4:18 ESV

Viewpoint: Abdullah has heard the Gospel and read the Bible. He believes that everything he has heard and read is true. Fear of losing his family keeps Abdullah from confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior. He knows that if his family finds out, they may kick him out of the house and possibly disown him. As someone rejected by his family, he would become an outsider in Saudi society. Even if Abdullah’s family allowed him to stay, they might refuse to let him talk about his faith or practice it in the house. They might treat him like a visiting outsider, making his mother and sisters cover their faces in front of him. Being rejected by his family Abdullah doesn’t think he could handle that.

Prayer Points: Pray that God will give Saudi seekers the courage to follow Jesus, no matter the cost. Ask that He will cast out fear with His perfect love.