Back to School

Viewpoint: This week students in Saudi Arabia are heading back to school after more than 18 months of online learning. Vaccinated high school and middle school students have returned to in-person classes with strict COVID precautions. However, elementary students will continue studying online for the time being. Many students have missed in-person learning and look forward to seeing their friends again. With the reopening of schools and other sectors in KSA, believers will have more opportunities to interact with Saudis. Some Saudi students attend international schools, and the students, as well as their families interact with expatriate students and families. We pray that these renewed opportunities will lead to more sharing of God’s love and the truth of the gospel.

Prayer points: Pray that as this school year begins, believing students and parents will find those Saudis whose hearts God has already been working in, and who want to know more about Him. Ask that the believers will be able to live out God’s love and share the gospel boldly. Pray that whole Saudi families will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, so they will have a built-in community to grow in faith with.