Pre-Ramadan 2023

“Sing to the Lord, bless his

name; tell of his salvation

from day to day. Declare

his glory among the

nations, his marvelous

works among all the

peoples!” – Psalm 96:2-3 ESV

Viewpoint: The beginning of Ramadan starts either on March 22nd or 23rd because Muslims use a lunar calendar for the months. So, Ramadan is the name of one of their months. During this month, Muslims not only fast during daylight hours; but also focus on prayer and reading the Qur’an. Will you join us in praying daily for the Saudi people throughout Ramadan, asking God to set them free from Islam and open their eyes to His true character and work through Jesus Christ? 

Prayer points: Pray that as Saudi Muslims and Muslims worldwide prepare for Ramadan, God will prepare their hearts and minds to receive Him.  

Pray that as Muslims desire to seek God and grow closer to Him, God will reveal Himself to them, through Jesus Christ. 

Pray that followers of Jesus will have many opportunities during Ramadan to share who Jesus is.