Who Are They Really?

Charm is deceitful,

and beauty is vain, but

a woman who fears

the Lord is to be

praised. – Proverbs

31:30 ESV 

Viewpoint: Fran was apprehensive when she first saw the Saudi couple moving in next door. Fran knows and loves people from many cultures, but in this case, she wondered whether she could ever relate to the stern-looking man and the lady covered in black. One day, Fran passed by the couple outside and decided to say hello. To her surprise, they stopped to chat for a few minutes. The man mentioned that his wife would like to practice her English. The lady didn’t say much, but Fran could see from her eyes that she was smiling behind her veil. Fran offered to help and received an invitation to visit. When Fran finally sat down with her neighbor Aisha face to face, she realized that they had much more in common than she’d expected. Fran and Aisha meet every week. As their relationship has developed, Fran has had multiple opportunities to share the Gospel and describe how her faith in Christ has impacted her life. 

Prayer Point: Half of the Saudi population is female. To Westerners, these women in black robes may seem distant and unknowable. However, they share many of the same hopes, dreams, loves, and fears as women everywhere. Pray that God will enable believers to share Christ’s love and truth with Saudi women wherever they are.