Horror Weekend

Viewpoint: Witches, ghosts, and creepy monsters walking alongside ladies dressed all in black with their faces covered. Saudi Arabia has been embracing more American holidays. It is now acceptable to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every year the secular Christmas holiday is embraced. This year people were allowed to dress up for “Horror Weekend.” This celebration took place in the capital city. There was a suggestion that the festival happened right before Halloween so as not to be seen like they were celebrating the Halloween holiday.  

Some Saudis enjoyed and took part in “Horror Weekend” by dressing up and then took to social media to encourage and support the celebration. Other Saudis were against the festival and didn’t like it at all. Again, we see Saudi society opening to new things, searching for freedom; but not embracing the best thing, Jesus Christ. Only when Saudis believe and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior will they experience true freedom.  

Prayer points 

Pray that as Saudis obtain more freedoms in society, they will realize that true freedom only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Pray that believers in KSA will have opportunities to share with Saudis that are open to changes. Ask that Saudis will be open-minded to hearing the Gospel and willing to accept it. 

Horror Weekend