Noah was a righteous

man, blameless in his

generation. Noah

walked with God.”

– Genesis 6:9 ESV 

Viewpoint: “Oh yes, we know the prophet Nuh [Noah]. He was a messenger sent from Allah and perfect just like all the other messengers from Allah,” a Saudi Muslim would tell you. The Quran’s version of Noah is different from the Biblical Narrative. The Biblical Narrative reveals the sinfulness of all people, shows God’s grace amidst His judgment, and foreshadows Jesus’ redeeming work. In contrast, Muslims believe that Noah was perfect and that he directed his people to do good works and be good people to be accepted by Allah. Saudi Muslims need to hear the Biblical Narrative of Noah, hear how human’s sin separates us from God, and learn how Noah’s story points toward the Gospel. 

Prayer points: Pray that believers in KSA will have opportunities to share the Biblical Narrative of Noah with Saudis. Ask that God will prepare Saudis to hear and accept that Jesus is the only way to have a right relationship with God.