But seek the welfare of the

city where I have sent you

into exile, and pray to the

Lord on its behalf, for in its

welfare you will find your


– Jeremiah 29:7 ESV 

Viewpoint: Bordering on the sea and surrounded by mountains and fertile plains, Jizan seems a world away from the rest of Saudi Arabia. Jizan is tucked away in the southwest corner of the country, about 50 miles from the Yemeni border. Tropical fruits grow in the nearby farmlands, and goods flow in and out of a strategic Red Sea port. Off the coast, scattered islands bear the crumbling ruins of old churches, a reminder of a forgotten spiritual heritage.   

Although Jizan’s population is only 105,000, the surrounding province is home to nearly 1.5 million people. The diverse ancestry of Jizan’s people has given the area a unique culture. Sadly, as many of 30% of Jizan’s Saudi citizens live in poverty. While many projects are under way in the area, Jizan has suffered from the economic downturn and the nearby war in Yemen. Yet this physical need is only a shadow of a deep spiritual need for abundant life in Jesus.  

Prayer Points:  Pray that the Jizani people will have their physical needs met, and that they will have a spiritual hunger to know God through Jesus Christ.  Ask that touristic and industrial projects will bring more believers to Jizan, who will share the love and Truth of Christ with Jizan’s people. Pray that a new generation of Jesus followers will rise up out of the foundations of the ancient church to bring Him unique worship from this land.