“But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.”

ESV 3:3 Psalm


Amina waits in her room, her heart pounding. What will happen when her mother tells her father about the Bible and other materials she discovered on Amina’s phone? If her parents ask whether she has become a follower of Jesus, she won’t deny it, but it could cost her everything, including her life. Amina knows that Saudi believers have faced beating, confinement, forced marriage, shunning, and even death, usually at the hands of their families. Will her parents’ love for her win out, or will they restore honor to their family by erasing the shame she has brought on them? And will she be able to stand firm in Christ, no matter what happens?

Prayer Points: Ask that God will prepare Saudi believers for when persecution comes; they may stand firm in their faith and bring glory to the name of Jesus.

Pray that believers facing persecution are lifted high, strengthened, and delivered by their loving Heavenly Father.

Finally, ask that persecution will cause the Church to grow rather than crumble.