Samir and Noura’s Story 

“Have I not commanded

you? Be strong and

courageous. Do not be

frightened, and do not be

dismayed, for the Lord your

God is with you wherever

you go.” – Joshua 1:9 ESV 

Viewpoint: Samir and Noura* have been married for ten years. 2 years ago, they both decided to follow Jesus. They’re thankful they can read the Bible and pray together; they know that other Saudi believers have no one else to meet with. But they’ve decided it’s best to keep their faith to themselves. They know the Bible says believers should meet in groups and share the Gospel with the lost, but they feel that’s impossible in their context. Samir and Noura haven’t even told their children about their faith because they’re afraid the children might turn them in to a teacher or family member. They could lose their jobs, children, their extended families, and even their lives if someone were to find out about their faith in Jesus. *Story based on real-life situations  

Prayer points: Pray that the Lord will deliver Saudi believers from fear. Ask that He gives Saudi believers courage and wisdom to share their faith with the lost and seek fellowship with other believers.