Then they said, “Come,

let us build ourselves

a city and a tower with

its top in the heavens,

and let us make a

name for ourselves,

lest we be dispersed

over the face of the

whole earth.”

Genesis 11:4 ESV 

Viewpoint: NEOM is a Vision 2030 project the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has been working on; NEOM name itself comes from NEO the Greek for “new,” and then the M comes from two words one is the Arabic word “mustaqbal” which means “future” and the other is the first letter of the first name of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed. The NEOM project is a beacon to a promising future for Saudi Arabia, “a rich life in a land built by man for the sake of all humanity.” This project will run on 100% renewable energy. Assembled into NEOM are commerce and industry. It reconceptualizes urban living with a focus on the ability to walk everywhere; building around people is its main goal, and there will still be transportation, but for the most part, all your wants will be within walking distance. There will be no cars; there will only be a “line,” about 170 km long, traveling from one end of the line to the other in 20 minutes. The climate will be able to be controlled all year long. They are working on an island venue for people to tour and take in. They are creating a mountain destination for people to live, visit and hold sporting events. They are also building a city just for industry.  

The Bible says, “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 ESV); all this planning for the future to try and improve life and the economy of Saudi Arabia. Eyes and hearts need to be opened to Jesus Christ in KSA for true, improvement of life. What truly matters is the life to come.  

Prayer points: Pray that as changes continue, as Saudi Arabia moves toward their Vision 2030 and the opening of NEOM, more Saudis will experience a spiritual regeneration, in their lives.  

Ask that Saudi Arabia and its people will undergo such a spiritual transformation that all across the country, including Mecca and Medina, will be worshiping Jesus Christ.