Solomon’s Story

Viewpoint: Solomon wanted wisdom. “What is truth and how can I know it?” he wondered. Eventually Solomon met a follower of Jesus and began asking questions. The believer responded by sharing from the Gospel. What Solomon heard made him hungry to know more. He started reading the Bible and discussing the Word with his believing friend. His reading sparked more and more questions, which led Solomon to keep reading and reading. Finally, he believed that Jesus died for his sins, and he decided to follow Christ as Lord and Savior. Solomon continues to read and study the Bible, but he feels isolated and alone because of his new faith.

Prayer point: Pray that Solomon will connect with other Christ-followers so that he can meet with others for worship and can be encouraged in his faith.  Ask that many more people will hear Solomon’s story and will seek God’s wisdom and truth as he did.  Pray that God will continue to open the hearts and minds of those that are truly seeking after Him.