Open Doors

Viewpoint: The first time Jana met her Saudi friend Noor, Noor asked Jana about her religion. Jana told her she was a true Christian, which sparked some further questions about what it means to be a “true” Christian. Noor said that she loves learning about what other people believe, despite her family being extremely conservative. Jana and Noor quickly became friends. Over the course of their friendship, Noor has introduced Jana to her sisters and many of her friends. She has even told her mother and father repeatedly about the conversations they have together about the gospel. Though Noor does not yet believe, she continues to willingly engage in conversations about who Jesus is, and she tells others about these conversations.

Prayer Point: Pray that God will connect Christ followers with Saudis who will listen to the Good News and share it with their families and friends. Ask that Saudi communities–families or groups of friends–will come to faith together. 

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