Viewpoint: Eden* had one of her neighbors over for tea. Eden knew that her neighbor was a Christian and from what she could tell, her neighbor was a good person. Eden and her daughter were both enjoying the visit. Then the conversation changed, and they began discussing the prophet, Moses. Oh, Eden knew about Moses, and what had happened to him when he was young. Eden had many questions; she was so surprised that this story was in the Bible.

“Your story sounds very similar to the one in the Quran. Was Moses put in a basket? Was he raised by his family? Pharaoh was Jewish, right?” Eden asked.

“Yes, the story of Moses’ life is in the Bible,” Eden’s friend shared with her. “In fact, Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. Later in Moses’ life the things that he did point toward Jesus.” 

Eden and her daughter quickly answered that God is one and has no children.

“I agree, there is only one God!” said Eden’s friend. “He is so big and powerful that if He wanted to, He could come down in the form of a man. He could even die on the cross for our sins.”

So many Saudi Muslims think they know what is in the Bible, but few have ever read it. They are taught that the Bible has been changed. Yet some are curious about what is written in the Bible.

Prayer points: Pray that Saudi Muslims will meet followers of Jesus and will want to talk about what is written in the Bible. Ask that Saudis will be open to reading the Bible with Christ-followers, and that as they do their hearts and minds will be opened to the Truth.

*Name changed and story based on actual conversations.