“Enter by the

narrow gate. For

the gate is wide

and the way is easy

that leads to

destruction, and

those who enter by

it are many. For the

gate is narrow and

the way is hard

that leads to life,

and those who

find it are few.”

– Matthew 7:13-14ESV 

Viewpoint: Around June twenty-fifth is the beginning of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Pilgrims will visit Islam’s most sacred sites and perform religious rituals over several days. They believe the experience will purify them from sin and increase their favor with God. 

Prayer Point: Pray God will lead Saudis and other Muslims on Hajj to a new spiritual pilgrimage! Ask that they will experience dreams and visions of Jesus and that rather than being satisfied by the Hajj, they will hunger to know more about Jesus. Pray that their spiritual search will lead them to the Bible, to believers who will share the Gospel with them, and to new life in Christ.