Amina’s Story

Viewpoint: Amina had so many questions that she couldn’t wait to ask her new believing friend. “What does a Christian marriage look like? How many wives can a Christian man have? Why do Christians wear crosses? What holidays do Christians celebrate and why?  How do you celebrate the different Christian holidays?  What do I have to do to become a Christian? Do I have to change my name?  What is the Bible? How can I read the Bible? Has the Bible been corrupted?  What is it like to go to church in America? How can you have a personal relationship with God? How can I have a personal relationship with God?  What type of relationship did God have with Mary?”

Amina had been asking questions for years without really feeling satisfied with the answers she received.  Amina continues to ask questions; her believing friends have been answering them by sharing passages from the Bible with her.  Amina doesn’t believe yet, but God is working in her life.

Prayer Point: Please pray that Amina will continue to ask questions, read the Bible, and seek God.  Pray that she will share what she is learning with her family.  Ask that God will draw Amina and her whole family to new life in Jesus together so that they will have their own built-in community of faith.