Basima’s Story

“In the fear of the Lord one

has strong confidence, and

his children will have a

refuge. The fear of the Lord

is a fountain of life, that one

may turn away from the

snares of death.”

– Proverbs 14:26-27 ESV

Viewpoint: Basima recently decided to follow Jesus. The believer discipling her has encouraged her to meet with other Saudi believers, but Basima is afraid. What if someone discovers the group and they are all arrested? And how can Basima trust a group of people she doesn’t know? What if someone in the group is pretending to be a believer so she can turn others in to the government? Or what if the other believers reject Basima because they don’t trust her? Basima would really like to worship and study with more than one other person, but she doesn’t feel ready or able.

Prayer Points: Pray that the Holy Spirit will overcome Saudi believers’ fears of worshiping and studying with other Saudi Christ-followers. Ask that He will enable Saudi believers to trust one another and develop healthy families of faith.