Eid Al Adha

By faith Abraham, when

he was tested, offered

up Isaac, and he who

had received the

promises was in the act

of offering up his only

son Hebrews 11:17 ESV 

Viewpoint: Around June twenty-eighth will be the first day of Eid Al Adha, the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice. Eid Al Adha commemorates Abraham’s willingness to obey God by sacrificing his son and God’s provision of a ram as a substitute. Pilgrims on Hajj in Saudi Arabia sacrifice an animal as one of the day’s rituals. Muslims not on the Hajj celebrate with morning prayers, family gatherings, visits, and cash gifts for children. Some families sacrifice an animal as well. Traditionally, 1/3 of the meat they eat, 1/3 they give to friends and neighbors, and those in need get 1/3 of it. Other families donate meat through charity organizations. 

Many Muslims see Eid Al Adha as a remembrance of Abraham’s faith and obedience, while others see it as a celebration of the Hajj and an opportunity to give to the poor. Few connect Abraham’s sacrifice, or the Eid sacrifice they make, with forgiveness of sin. However, most Muslims believe they can earn forgiveness by performing the Hajj. Please pray that God will open their eyes to the emptiness of their works and their need for the Savior. 

Prayer Points: Pray that many Muslims will seek more information about the Biblical narrative of Abraham. Pray that Muslims will understand the meaning behind the sacrifice and the cross of Jesus. Ask that they will be perfected and sanctified in Christ. As Hajj pilgrims leave after all their spiritual experiences and the exercises they have done, pray they will feel extreme emptiness and a lack of peace until they know the Redeemer of their souls, Jesus.