Saudi Children

Viewpoint: Saudi children are growing up in a different world than their parents and grandparents did. Although Saudi society remains very traditional and religious, there is a growing sense of openness to outside cultures and ideas. Today’s Saudi children have widespread access to the internet, as well as international media. Saudis can now attend concerts, movies, and cultural events which were previously forbidden in KSA. Saudi women can drive and run businesses.  Along with this cultural openness, Saudi people are gradually becoming more open to hearing about other faiths and worldviews. These ongoing changes could provide Saudi children with unprecedented opportunities not only to hear the Gospel, but to understand and truly examine its message when they do hear.

Prayer Point: Pray that amid KSA’s growing openness, Saudi children will learn to think critically and to listen actively to other points of view. Ask that the Holy Spirit will prepare their hearts and minds to understand and consider the Gospel when they hear it.  Pray that Saudi children will hear the Gospel repeatedly from an early age, and that many—along with their families—will find new life in Jesus.